Michelle Szpak – Motorcycle Photographer

Custom Harley Davidson

Its always a pleasure photographing a custom bike… finding a unique location to show the individuality of the motorcycle.

For this Harley Davidson I knew it was going to be something industrial and edgy to show off the lines of the bike.

Behind the scenes from a custom Harley Shoot
Harley Davidson behind the scenes location 

With the right lighting, using my Elinchrom Quadra’s the final image is below.

Custom Harley Davidson web 2.png


Sinnis Terrain in the Studio

Spent a morning in the studio photographing the gorgeous Sinnis Terrain 2017.  After photographing out on location in Wales, it was now time for the studio images to compliment them.

Sinnis Terrain 2017 Motorcycle

Sunset Silhouette of motorcycle and rider

I love sunsets/sunrises… they remind me of a time I was riding along the M4 seeing my shadow on the road as the sun rose in the sky, the road empty (for once).

Went out the other evening with a client and couldn’t help add this Silhouette into the mix.

Rider and motorcycle in the sunset

Elan Valley and Sinnis Day two

Day Two out photographing the Sinnis Terrain 2017…  The weather was a little stormy on the 2nd day there.  Allowing for some really moody motorcycle images of the terrain.

Sinnis Terrain 2017_30Sinnis Terrain 2017_10Sinnis Terrain 2017_09

One of my favourite concept shots from the couple of days was the photograph below.  Encompassing adventure… camping and motorcycles.

Sinnis Terrain 2017_36

Wales Sinnis Terrain location 2

Well there is always going to be somewhere we find with water…..  and the best angle would mean I end up in the water.  Not sure why I wore wellies.

The resulting images were definitely worth getting soaked for.   This set of photography really shows the adventure the Sinnis Terrain 2017 can take you on!  Captured in the

Sinnis Terrain 2017_15Sinnis Terrain 2017_19Sinnis Terrain 2017_11Sinnis Terrain 2017_20

A trip to Wales with the Sinnis Terrain location one

Wow, Wales has amazing places to photograph!  Beautiful scenery and lots of little side places you can go and use.  We were headed to Elan Valley, and it didn’t disappoint.

Here are the first round of images of the Sinnis Terrain at the first location we photographed at.  What an amazing 125cc adventure motorcycle!

Sinnis Terrain 2017_02Sinnis Terrain 2017_05Sinnis Terrain 2017_04

Suzuki GSX-S 1000 2016

Enjoyed photographing the Suzuki GSX-S 1000 at the end of last year with On The Wheel Motorcycles.  Heading out to a local location near Shoreham, perfect for the style and edge of this bike.


Behind the scenes in Royston, Hertfordshire

This week saw me photographing 3 motorcycles together (Kawasaki ER-6f, Suzuki SV650 and Ducati Multistrada), a family of bikers.  Being February the weather wasn’t with us, but we had a great time. See below some behind the scenes (iphone images).

Behind the Scenes of motorcycle shoot

Behind the Scenes of motorcycle shoot

Honda Repsol Motorcycle in Shoreham

Brilliant shoot for a client with a Honda Repsol 600cc Motorcycle in Shoreham a couple of weekends ago.  Here is one of the final images… along with some behind the scenes below.


Behind the scenes – With me making sure I get the right angle no matter how much mud is on the ground.

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